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Dr. Sheri Riley is a wife, mother, daughter, and entrepreneur. We know this is not easy, but she’s figured out how to make it simple. After spending 20 years creating marketing strategies for global superstars and companies like Usher, WarnerMedia, and Converse, she now serves as the Founder and President of Exponential Living®, a personal, professional, and leadership development company that empowers professional athletes, coaches, entertainers, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs to grow personally and dominate professionally. As an empowerment speaker, high-performance life coach, and award-winning author, Dr. Sheri speaks and trains at companies like the Chicago Bears, NBA, NBA Coaches Association, Indiana Fever, The Coca-Cola Company, Universal Music Group, and JP Morgan Chase, to name few on how to implement her 9 Principles of Exponential Living to enhance personal/professional development, leadership, and productivity. Her book, Exponential Living® - Stop Spending 100% of Your Time on 10% of Who You Are (Penguin Random House), is a Porchlight Books Business Bestseller, nominated for an NAACP Image Award, garnered several self-help “Book of the Year” awards, and has been translated to French, Romanian and Vietnamese. John Maxwell featured an excerpt from Exponential Living in his New York Times Best Seller, LeaderShift, and interviewed her for his New York Times Best Seller, The Leader’s Greatest Return. Dr. Sheri has been featured on national media outlets like NPR, The Marie Forleo Podcast/MarieTV, The Steve Harvey Show, Huffington Post, and Essence, to name a few. Dr. Sheri Riley Empowerment Speaker, High-Performance Life Coach, Author Exponential Living - Stop Spending 100% of Your Time on 10% of Who You Are For More Information Instagram/Twitter @SheriRiley LinkedIn/Facebook @SheriRileydotcom


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February 7th, 2023

3 Reasons High-Status Individuals Have High-Performance Coaches

Celebrities, athletes and top execs can find positive gains from coaching, especially if they know what to look for in a coach.


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How do you empower high performers to reach greater heights in their personal growth while dominating their profession and industry? You coach and train them on the Principles of Exponential Living®. Exponential Living® is a personal, professional, and leadership development company specializing in empowering professional athletes, entertainers, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs to win in life and their career. By providing tools to achieve inner peace, clarity, and mental wellness – the Exponential Living team takes this high-performing group even higher. Founded by Dr. Sheri Riley – Empowerment Speaker, High-Performance Life Coach, and award-winning author – Exponential Living’s core philosophy is: “Personal development fuels professional growth.” Studies have shown that a lack of personal development keeps high performers stuck and confused about who they really are and what to do next in their life and career. With effective leadership assessments, expert-led training, and delivering result-driven coaching, the Exponential Living® team is dedicated to transformative outcomes for individuals and organizations ready for exponential results. For over two decades, Exponential Living has been committed to our client’s peace, clarity, and increased productivity, with a track record highlighted by the transformed lives and the performance trajectory of teams and companies across the globe. Exponential Living’s 360° Champion™ curriculum is specifically designed for the growth and development of professional athletes and entertainers. The company’s PowerBroker® Coaching + Training curriculum is tailored to increase the productivity of corporate executives and entrepreneurs. Both are rooted in the 9 Principles of Exponential Living®. Because of our unmatched curricula and our desire to constantly strive toward excellence, clients have trusted us to guide them to their next step toward new personal and professional heights. Our clients include the NBA, Chicago Bears, Universal Music Group, The Coca-Cola Company, JP Morgan Chase, Converse, and WNBA’s Indiana Fever, to name a few. Our company is committed to identifying the obstacles that need to be overcome, developing, sand presenting the most effective solutions through coaching, training, and consulting while bringing Exponential Living® to all areas of personal and professional growth.


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