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Sonja Wasden

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Speaking Mental Health


Sonja is one of today’s most insightful and inspirational speakers on mental health. Her book, An Impossible Life, which details her struggles with mental illness, was featured on CBS This Morning as a story of hope for those dealing with mental health challenges. CBS This Morning Correspondent, Dr. Tara Narula, said that Sonja’s story was “one of my most sacred and special I’ve ever done.” Sonja has traveled the country speaking with Fortune 500 companies, not-for-profit organizations, government officials, advocacy groups, and media outlets about the importance of mental health. She has been an op-ed contributor in such publications as The Washington Post, The Hill, Ms. Magazine, Thrive Global, Nami, Kevin M.D, and others. Sonja has been interviewed over 50 times on local and national news about the importance of raising mental health awareness. She has had the privilege of sharing her story and message of hope with millions of people. Sonja is passionate about helping individuals and organizations create open, inclusive, and educational conversations around mental health. Her powerful presentations combine inspiration and education that have audiences feeling confident about their ability to create a culture of mental wellness in their workplace.


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Speaking Mental Health

Speaking Mental Wellness is focused on helping organizations create a culture of mental wellness. Organizations have an enormous influence on their employee’s mental health in the workplace. When leadership talks openly about mental health, their own included, it not only breaks down stigmas but encourages employees to speak up about their own mental health. Organizations can build a culture of mental wellness where getting mental health help is a sign of strength and is as routine as getting medical care for any other health condition. When employees are treated for mental health conditions, 80% reported improved work satisfaction and functioning. The financial and human cost for organizations that don’t make mental health a priority is substantial. Mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression cost the world’s economy $1 trillion each year in lost productivity, absenteeism, and difficulty completing tasks. The bottom line: a mentally healthy workforce is a wise investment for organizations and their employees.