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Sumir Sahgal

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Essen Health Care

New York City Area

Dr. Sumir Sahgal is the visionary founder and Chief Medical Officer of Essen Health Care, one of New York City’s largest private healthcare providers. Dr. Sahgal is a regular contributor for Newsweek and Fast Company. His inspirational story starts with opening Essen with a small single office in the South Bronx to now having 30 locations throughout the Bronx, Queens, and Long Island. His leadership has positioned Essen to become the first practice in New York to have achieved the ‘Level 3 Patient Centered Medical Home’ designation and has inspired his profession. He has been featured in leading healthcare industry publications and publications across the five boroughs discussing Essen’s growth into one of the premier healthcare practices in New York City, leveraging its Ambulatory Care, Urgent Care, House Calls and Nursing Home divisions. As an innovative leader, he has been integral in the launch of Essen Ventures, a separate company that identifies new healthcare technologies and invests in them. As part of his commitment to providing the community access to high quality health care, Sahgal has built a network of more than 350 providers who focus on providing some of New York City’s most underserved areas. In addition, Essen’s Care Management provides community care as a Certified Management Agency (CMA) to Health Home and Medicaid Long Term Care Plans. Dr. Sahgal’s focus on increasing patient access to care led to the 2005 launch of EssenMED House Calls, which extends primary care services beyond office walls and into patients’ homes. EssenMed House Calls is the largest medical house call program in New York State, bringing services into the homes of more than 15,000 patients. In 2015, Dr. Sahgal founded Metro Urgicare, a rapidly growing urgent care practice that offers rapid response treatment for patients. Metro Urgicare has 15 locations spread throughout the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island. His most recent innovation is the launch of Essen Ventures, a group dedicated to identifying and growing innovative technologies that will help Essen patients and revolutionize healthcare. This includes expanded partnerships with MyndYou, a healthcare technology solution provider and creator of MyEleanor, an AI-based virtual care assistant and Verustat, a Nashville-based remote patient monitoring solution provider that facilitates the tracking of critical patient biometric data on a HIPAA-secure platform. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Essen performed over 60,000 COVID-19 and antibody tests, with over 10,000 tests administered through mobile units that have traveled to over 160 locations in the Bronx. As part of Dr. Sahgal’s philosophy of Essen Health Care as an engaged community partner, the company responded to the increased demand of food insecurity in the Bronx by partnering with community-based organizations and stakeholders. A graduate of Delhi University, New Delhi, India, Dr. Sahgal completed his Internal Medicine Residency training program at Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center, Brooklyn, N.Y. and holds a Masters degree in Health Policy and Management from New York University. Dr. Sahgal has been the recipient of numerous awards including ‘House Call Doctor of the Year’ by the American Academy of Home Care Medicine and the ‘Physician Executive of the Year Award’ by the Medical Group Management Association. Among his notable leadership roles, Dr. Sahgal serves as a board member on various organizations including R.A.I.N., a non-for-profit serving seniors in the Bronx, SOMOS Accountable Care Organization and Fordham Global Healthcare Innovation Center. Dr. Sahgal also founded NYREACH, a non-for-profit dedicated to improving community health and workforce development.


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Essen Health Care

Essen Health Care is patient-focused and active in serving the community. For that reason, we use the latest research to provide the highest quality of care to the underserved. Our over 20-year commitment to New York City has fueled an unwavering dedication toward innovating a better healthcare delivery system; one that truly makes a difference. We offer a fully integrated healthcare delivery network, and our goal to our valued patients is to provide only the highest level of quality care by leveraging our network of divisions, including: Urgent Care Primary Care Specialty Care House Calls Care Management Nursing Home Our vision and values guide every piece of the medical process. Concerns about cost? Quality? We Care for That. Essen is a part of the community it serves, and we understand the diversity of challenges and individual needs of New York City patients better than any other practice. With an ever-expanding variety of services, we can better meet the needs of New York City. Our network includes a range of specializations to meet the needs of all ages, all needs, and all divisions of the communities.