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Tammy McCrory

Founder/CEO/Behavioral Health ConsultantMcCrory Center: Behavioral Health

Detroit, MI

Member Since March 2023


Tammy McCrory is a highly respected Clinical Limited Licensed Psychologist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst, with a record of achievement in multiple fields. She is the founder of McCrory Center for Mental Health, an organization dedicated to providing mental health services for people of all ages. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Tammy also has served as a political advisor, maternal child health expert, and community leader. She has been recognized for her leadership in numerous areas, including her contribution to the Metro Detroit surrounding areas, by Oakland County Executive, where she was named: "Oakland Together 40 Under 40," Vice President of the Association of Black Psychologists, and Member of the State of Michigan Governors' BLAC Health Committee. Tammy has demonstrated dedication to her community through mentorship of others, organizing numerous behavioral health-focused initiatives, and providing invaluable support to those who need it most. Tammy's professional achievements include a robust portfolio of clients under her care, overseeing a team of professional clinicians, and receiving accolades for her advocacy in the field of behavioral health. Tammy continues to be an inspirational leader in her field and an active member of her community. Her commitment to excellence and dedication to service is unmatched, making her an invaluable asset to any team or organization.

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McCrory Center: Behavioral Health

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The mission of the McCrory Center is to improve the lives of all people by providing quality behavioral health services. We are committed to excellence in everything we do, and we are committed to continual improvement. Our philosophy is simple: provide the best possible care to our clients, be the best possible employer to our staff, and be the best possible partner to our community. Our goal is to be the premier provider of behavioral health services in our region. 1. To increase access to behavioral health services for everyone in the community. 2. To decrease the stigma around mental health and make it more socially acceptable to seek help. 3. To provide high-quality, and effective care that meets the needs of each individual. 4. To create a more diverse workforce that is representative of the community we serve. 5. To become a leader in innovative care delivery models that can be replicated in other communities.



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