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Tom Glover

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Tom has over 30 years of experience in technology and cyber security working with high profile clients such as the Tampa Sports Authority for the 2021 Super Bowl and the Bahamas Government Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Immigration. His company, Responsive Technology Partners was recognized in 2020 and 2021 as being one of the fastest growing companies in America by Inc Magazine and won a bronze award in the 2020 inaugural, Best in Business competition by Inc Magazine for his community outreach program during COVID-19. He and his team have grown this company from a $600,00 MSP in 2018 to a $12.3M firm in 2021. During this time, they experienced a 146% year-over-year growth. Tom also serves as a coach and mentor to IT service industry businesses world-wide.

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How Managers Can Bring Out the Best In Their Employees

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Focusing on developing the skills of employees can also benefit employers. Organizational leaders have the unique position of driving business goals, but employees are the true lifeblood of an organization. A successful business meets those business goals by providing needed products and services to customers, but if employees aren’t motivated to do their best, the chances of true success are slim to none. Managers that place an emphasis on catering to their employees’ needs and developing the skills of their workforce are more than likely to create an environment that produces and retains top-notch employees. To help leaders bring out the best from the employees working with and below them, a panel of Newsweek Expert Forum each share tips on how to build a supportive work environment.

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Taking even a short break during the workday to focus on centering and caring for oneself is critical when running a business. Every entrepreneur knows that running a business is an endeavor that can easily spill stress over to areas of life outside of work. That’s why practicing mindfulness is top of mind for business leaders wanting to change this unhealthy dynamic. While telling yourself to slow down and focus on something besides work seems simple enough, taking a break, even one as short as five minutes, is easier said than done. To help leaders learn how to take it easy, 11 Newsweek Expert Forum members share advice on how one can simply approach practicing mindfulness while also operating a successful business.

How to Avoid the Great Entrepreneurial Trap


You can’t afford not to hire rock stars.

13 Ways To Establish Authentic Connections With New Clients or Colleagues

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A commitment to authenticity and open communication can help you build relationships that last long term. In business, establishing an authentic relationship with each and every person you meet is critical to building a professional network that helps you meet with the right people and source new opportunities. Building these kinds of connections with new people, such as clients or coworkers, doesn’t even require a lot of effort; in fact, being yourself and genuinely asking how you can help can go a long way in building a long-lasting relationship. To help professionals interested in cultivating business relationships, 13 Newsweek Expert Forum members share recommendations on how to best build rapport with a new client or colleague.

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When you're feeling stressed, taking a step back to reassess the situation can provide clarity for your next step forward. From the demand that all tasks be handled in a timely manner to the pressure that comes from needing to constantly communicate with stakeholders, a job can often add a significant level of stress to a professional’s life.  Relieving this burden is essential, but the challenge is not getting overwhelmed and confused about how to get everything done with a growing list of tasks that need your attention. To help, a panel of Newsweek Expert Forum members each share one coping tactic to use when you’re feeling overwhelmed with work and life.

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Responsive Technology Partners is a network and technology support company with offices across the southeast. We are passionate about our customers, employees, and community. We offer proactive support services, including server, web and email hosting; antivirus protection; and disaster backup and recovery; and cyber security. As a premier Microsoft partner, our sales team and technical engineers can recommend the right Office 365 Business or Azure products for all of your team’s collaborative needs. We work with our customers to understand their business model, goals, and challenges, and help them find the right technology solutions for their success.



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