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Umang Modi

Managing Principal & Chief Strategy OfficerTIAG, Inc.

Reston, VA

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Information Technology
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It takes a relentless drive to anticipate changes, discover new opportunities, and continually improve how to serve customers as an innovation company. As Managing Principal and Chief Strategy Officer with TIAG, Umang leads the company in identifying emerging customer needs, sectors, and reaching new milestones. With more than 18-years of experience and a proven entrepreneurial approach and methodology, Umang is known for making strategy happen. His rapid, successful decision-making continually creates momentum and has significantly grown TIAG’s operating revenue. A results-driven executive, Umang works directly with TIAG’s leaders to ensure the company’s principles and values are inherent in every client interaction. He has a unique ability to strategically identify opportunities and address them from a macro and micro-perspective. His deep experience leading major initiatives and providing technical leadership for complex organizational structures allows him to develop and implement creative solutions for the diverse challenges the highly regulated and ever-changing GovCon industry faces. This has led to impressive innovation, business process transformation, and service expansion for both TIAG and its customers–from identifying and capturing new sectors such as DHS, to expanding into markets like Huntsville and Charleston. Umang has helped the DoD and other government agencies consistently achieve success and realize their missions by creating and delivering innovative solutions at the Defense Health Agency, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, U.S. Army Warrior Transition Command, Army Analytics Group, Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, U.S. Army Research Laboratory, U.S. Army Materiel Command, and Letterkenny Army Depot. Umang began his career at TIAG as a senior-systems engineer and lead solutions architect analyst. Over his 15 year tenure with TIAG, he’s worn many hats as Director, GM, and VP. Today, he leverages his experience to continually transform and inspire leaders throughout the organization. His specific areas of focus include strategy development and execution, business growth, product development, and customer and market due diligence. He has particular expertise in enterprise management solutions, cybersecurity, and cloud utilization. Prior to joining TIAG, Umang was a Systems Engineer at MSSI and a Systems Administrator at SAIC. He is an active participant of HIMSS, AFCEA, and mentors TIAG’s Technology and Innovations Strike Team and portfolio management professionals to expand upon opportunities that truly advance customer initiatives. Umang was also a President’s Circle Awardee and a Distinguished Speaker at the CA IT Government Expo.

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We specialize in transformation. We are innovative problem solvers with a proven track record in management and technology services. We employ the brightest minds with a shared passion for making a difference for the clients we serve. We apply our expertise to streamline mission critical processes and pilot intricate initiatives to completion. And we deliver results that exceed expectations at every level of engagement. We are trusted partners, revered for our agility, adaptability, ingenuity and integrity. Our specialists are highly trained and finely honed by decades of real-world experience. Our collective skillset is multifaceted and designed to solve the complex challenges faced by our military and civilian sectors of government. Our mindset is focused on empowering people, yours and ours. We align to seek out the most technologically advanced ways to safeguard and support those who do the same for our nation. TIAG. Technology that Transforms.



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