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"The Voice of Outliers & Overcomers." Architect of Interpersonal Intelligence | Former National Radio Show Host | International Keynote Speaker


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November 19th, 2021

Nine Out-of-the-Box Marketing Promotions To Drive Positive Business Results

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November 19th, 2021

Five Ways to Prepare Your Business for the 2021 Holiday Rush

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November 12th, 2021

Don't Miss These 8 Essential E-Commerce Marketing Steps

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November 2nd, 2021

16 Ways Businesses Can Construct and Maintain a Positive Work Culture

The work culture of a business has a direct impact on the ability of the organization to last long term. Besides the benefits on the business side, a positive work environment enhances the relationship between leaders and current and prospective employees, leading to increased retention and employee loyalty.


Interpersonal Intelligence Advisory

Worked in leadership positions for Fortune 500 media and finance companies, in 7 countries across 3 continents. Leveraged track record of experience and expertise to create Interpersonal Intelligence Advisory which delivers results for clients in the following niche areas of workforce development: INTERPERSONAL INTELLIGENCE - Decodes the way humans work across digital, real and virtual platforms. It ensures the dignity of the human spirit in: Collaboration. Communication. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Work-related Depression-Stress-Trauma. Hybrid team building. Social Skills. Time management. Work Ethics. WORK CULTURE TRANSFORMATION – Assist clients in creating a culture that’s embraced by all stakeholders, while being able to pivot to changes in the real and virtual workplace. CRISIS AVOIDANCE AND CHANGE MANAGEMENT – How to use Action Leadership for successful incident management through rapid and decisive response, integrity of purpose and critical communication. TACTICAL NEGOTIATION - Helping clients with complex negotiations and training their leaders in the art of negotiation from real life experiences as a hostage negotiator and union strike mediator. INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE SPEAKER – Invited to deliver keynote speeches from Cheyenne to China by organizations like the United States National Guard, China government, China Group Television Network, Civil Air Patrol, Cowboy State Volunteers, media organizations and AI companies.