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Fast-growth (Inc. 5000) CEOs, just like turn-around CEOs, often screw up their Talent Strategy, Operations + Digital Transformation (80% fail), benefits and systems, with high costs and disastrous results. They often have no real strategy or plan for acquiring, engaging or developing top talent, or growing and scaling. Even if they're great at moving quickly and "breaking things," their rocket ship needs a battle-hardened HR leader on board. They are just 1 of a million *aspiring* "best companies to work for" without a compelling employer brand, benefit strategy or employee experience. That's where I come in. I help mission-driven enterprises to live and breathe their “Why” by building, growing and scaling world-class HR/People/Culture/Talent organizations and company cultures, empowering talent to do their life's best work in the here and now. At HR, Talent & Systems, we engage with award-winning corporations and Inc. 5000 startups to transform how they do business by unlocking and unleashing their greatest asset (their people), creating a virtuous cycle of engaged employees and increased profitability. Using our proven SDMI (strategy, design, motivation and implementation) framework, we help CEOs and C-suites delegate/automate/outsource effectively, improve and streamline internal communications, unclog information flow and empower data-driven decision-making. To create a superlative Employee Experience (EX) and improve retention, engagement and development, we partner with trusted vendors to customize employee benefits for value and relevance, improve team dynamics and project management through coaching, measure and benchmark performance, provide Leadership & Development opportunities, as well as create clear job descriptions, career pathways and promotion/raise guidelines. Beyond traditional strategy consulting, “digital transformation” and "change management" frameworks, we drive success for our clients through a high-touch, yet agile, human-first approach built on extensive operational experience in the Fortune 500 and VC-backed startups in HR, finance, sales and other functional areas. The Big 4 have taken notice. So have Forbes, Entrepreneur, NBC, Inc. and Time, Wharton Business Radio and Leadership and Loyalty (#1 podcast for Fortune 500 execs).


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HR, Talent & Systems Consulting

As a full-service HR Consultancy, we focus on building out robust HR functions for fast-growth companies, helping them acquire, retain and develop top talent, as well as implement the right systems to cut costs while leveling up their benefits, payroll, employer brand, ATS and HRIS, performance management, coaching and training to sustain continued growth.