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Chris Davis Gains Broader Exposure For His Company Through Newsweek Expert Forum

Chris Davis hated every minute of his last corporate job, where he designed online training content for security guards. To keep himself engaged at something he actually enjoyed, he started freelancing on the side, doing social media marketing and building up his personal brand on LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. That’s when Jason Bramble, Davis’s current business co-founder, first saw his content and was impressed enough to reach out. “He loved my content and wanted to see if we could sync up,” recalls Davis. Bramble had worked at digital marketing agencies and had aspirations of starting his own business. “Our skills complemented each other,” says Davis. “I’m more of a creative and he has an operational background.” It was a good match.

At the end of 2019 they founded Revcarto, a RevOps (revenue optimization) agency that specializes in helping small- to medium-sized businesses align their sales and marketing operations to generate greater revenue growth. The company is a certified HubSpot partner, meaning that it targets clients who need help setting up Hubspot and then managing the platform on a month-to-month basis.

Davis says that many other agencies focus solely on marketing or sales enablement. “Our biggest differentiator is that we don’t just do one single aspect of a buyer’s journey,” says Davis. “The way we set up HubSpot is very revenue-focused so we’re reporting differently than a typical agency. We wanted to give people a system where everything is in one place.” For example, a marketing department may do a good job of generating leads, but if the system for following up on the leads is faulty, then revenue is left on the table. “That's where we come in with the sales enablement aspect of it,” says Davis. “We're gonna own the entire process, from marketing to sales.”

"[Newsweek Expert Forum] helps give us validation that we’re experts, so I think it’s been super helpful personally and for our agency,”

A typical Revcarto client might be a SaaS (software as a service) company or a real estate brokerage firm. SaaS companies, says Davis, often have communications issues, particularly when they’re young and growing quickly. And large brokerage firms with multiple agents can also suffer when there’s no systematic way to keep track of leads and other communication in the fast-moving real estate industry. The pandemic did not really impact the company because “B2B companies will always need to stay running,” says Davis. “If we had been working with restaurants, things would have been rough.”

As for Revcarto’s own marketing efforts, Davis says that he and Bramble will soon launch a podcast called Connecting the Dots, which will chronicle their own journey of starting an agency, warts and all. “We try to embrace making mistakes because it's all part of the process,” he says.

Davis joined Newsweek Expert Forum because “I wanted to be able to contribute to a major platform. I can get my message out to a lot more people and so far, it’s been amazing.” He’s a regular contributor to Expert Panels and is also writing long-form articles. “That helps give us validation that we’re experts, so I think it’s been super helpful personally and for our agency,” Davis says.

A relatively new business owner, Davis gets valuable advice from more senior members of Newsweek Expert Forum. Recently, for example, a fellow member spoke to him about the need to scrutinize and manage every expense. “He was kind of the reason we got rid of our office and went fully remote,” says Davis. “We loved our office but then we started looking at all the hidden costs so we ended up getting rid of it and we save a ton of money every month. So that was a nice little financial tip.”


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