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Aaron Tilton is the Chief Executive Officer of SmartFi, which he co-founded with a vision to empower users by explaining the confusing nature of cryptocurrencies to a broad audience and making the modern tools of wealth generation accessible to all. Aaron is also the President and CEO of Blue Castle Holdings and Power Block Coin. As co-founder in 2007, Aaron has chief responsibility to oversee the development of a nuclear plant project in the Western US. Previously Aaron developed and negotiated equity positions and power purchase agreements with municipal and investor owned utilities throughout the Southwest. Aaron led these activities for two new power projects in the region. Aaron had also advised a venture capital firm on state regulatory matters for an online pharmacy that utilized an online medical consultation. Aaron has broad experience in pharmacy automation software and hardware solutions. Aaron is a former Utah State Representative, having originally been appointed to the seat by Governor Walker when it was prematurely vacated. He was formally elected to the position in 2004, and again re-elected in 2006. Aaron is a Utah native where he lives with his family. He is active in his church and loves to ride Motocross with his son.

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1. SmartFi’s unique lending process provides fiat liquidity to cryptocurrency holders without giving up ownership of the crypto 2. Through the unique lending model the SmartFi Token (SMTF) resists bear market volatility. 3. With Under certain conditions, the SmartFi’s unique cryptocurrency monetary policy the SmartFi token has a 100% buy-back guarantee. This guarantees SMTF holder their original purchase price back. SmartFi has created a unique financial model that creates a SmartFi Token (SMTF) that has safety first through its 100% buy back guarantee (guarantees SMTF holder their original purchase price back) and speculative price increase by indexing SMTF to the value of the SmartFi loan portfolio. This makes buying SmartFi Token simpler and safer. 4. SmartFi unique CeDefi model has also created a lending process that extends lending to the traditional small business borrower using the value of traditional real assets as collateral, This creates a decentralized monetary policy, essentially a lending process that can replace traditional lenders while relying solely on cryptocurrency value.



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