Alicia Hart

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Alicia Hart

Vice President, Human Resources

Merchants Fleet

New Hampshire

Alicia Hart serves as Vice President of Human Resources at Merchants Fleet and has spearheaded initiatives in the areas of workforce planning, employee engagement, talent acquisition and development. Under Alicia’s leadership, Merchants Fleet has been frequently named an award-winning place to work both locally and nationally. She was honored with a 2021 Outstanding Women in Business Award from NH Business Review.


  • Human Resources
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Building


January 5th, 2023

Why Allowing For Creativity Among Your Team Leads to Success

Creativity fosters innovation, but no one has great ideas every single time. So the number one way to encourage creativity is to ensure your team knows it’s okay to fail.

December 13th, 2022

Why Credibility Matters and How to Earn It

Credibility must be earned, and that takes time and conscious effort.

November 10th, 2022

Hybrid Workplaces and Culture: Building One Without Sacrificing the Other

Culture is often the backbone of the company, and it’s strengthened by making every employee know they are valued.

October 18th, 2022

Now That You’ve Seen Them in Their Bunny Slippers, It’s Time to Learn What Makes Your Employees Tick

For many, the work/life balance has become a work/life blend.


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