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The widely used acronym "STEM" refers to 4 different academic disciplines that serve as the foundation for many innovative industries, including: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM education refers to teaching and learning in these fields and includes pedagogical activities across all grade levels—from pre-school to post-doctorate—in both formal and informal settings. Also referred to as "SMET" or "METS," the concept has been adopted thanks (in part) to the strategic marketing, policymaking, community outreach, research, innovation and IP positioning of, which plays a critical role in the reshaping and proliferation of the STEM education movement throughout the postindustrial Midwest. Today, organizations from General Motors to Microsoft recognize the STEM acronym and have built company-wide initiatives to help prepare students for tomorrow's workforce. Andrew and his colleagues are at the forefront of STEM education research. Among their many accomplishments, is the first to develop a digital, STEM validation framework (for people, programs and products) and the only to secure it using the blockchain. As the inaugural inductee into the Crypto STEM Initiative, Raupp advocates for full transparency and the democratization of STEM funding using the latest technology. has received worldwide recognition for its work. Most recently, it has earned The Qatari Supreme Education Council's coveted Service to Education Award and has addressed both The Jamaican and Cayman Islands Ministries of Education. Andrew has been featured in Newsweek, MIT's Around Campus, Columbia University's New Learning Times, recognized as one of Oakland County's 40 Under 40 Elite and selected as an Emerging Leader by the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.


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November 23rd, 2021

How STEM Can Level the Playing Field for Sick and Isolated Children

Recent advancements can continue to help students with chronic conditions thrive. 

February 1st, 2021

STEM and Sports: Teaming Up to Enhance Student Engagement

How connecting subjects students enjoy to athletics and physical fitness can help encourage them to pursue cross-disciplinary studies and cultivate self-motivated learning.

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Science 🔬 Technology 🛰 Engineering ⚙️ Math 📐 | Educational Research & Clearinghouse | Since 2001 | #Blockchain Security 🔐 +1.855.FOR.STEM 📞 North American Industrial Classification Codes (NAICS) 611430, 611710, 611699 & 923110 Partners = NIKE, UBTECH, Kano Computing, Newsweek, Disney, Hasbro, Play-Doh, Rubik's, Learning Resources, NBA, hand2mind, Staples, NY Times, Geomag, Piper Inc., Elenco Electronics, Magformers, etc. is the longest continually-operating, privately-held STEM education research and credentialing organization in America. Since 2001, its leadership has assisted with key initiatives that have been critical to the overall growth and proliferation of the movement, including early work with the 2005 STEM Congressional Caucus. Its team demonstrates the best in pedagogics/andragogics, supporting the world’s top brands, organizations and thousands of educators globally. Through an extensive collaborative effort, has worked closely with researchers, a community of instructors, administrators, non-profits/NGO’s and schools to establish a highly-effective set of STEM benchmarks. The best-practices and subsequent outcomes of this decade-long initiative have led to the original and most trusted STEM validation framework: Certified™ (for people), Accredited ™ (for programs) and Authenticated™ (for products). Certified™ is now available online in collaboration with Staples, Inc., supplying both formal and informal educators with classroom-tested content to help them build sustainable STEM initiatives in virtually any environment. Whether addressing deficiencies in after school programming or the development of a new yearlong course, has reduced the need for costly textbooks, by providing the most economical and only blockchain-encrypted, training solution on the market. It includes hundreds of easy-to-follow activities, available to anyone interested in teaching STEM in their community.


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