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After working at some of the best PR agencies in the world, Trust Relations’ CEO & Founder April White was fed up with the old way of doing things in PR, so she founded the agency that she wished existed. An award-winning communications specialist, official TEDx speaker and writer with both B2B and B2C experience, April is as creative as she is strategic. With nearly 20 years of experience representing Fortune 100 companies and their executives at leading public relations agencies including Weber Shandwick, Edelman, Spong and Rubenstein Public Relations, she is skilled at developing targeted communications programs that convey strategic messaging, compelling narratives, intangible brand attributes and subtle points of differentiation. April has experience not only with marquee brands including MasterCard Worldwide, MetLife International, Sotheby’s International Realty, Hyatt, Rosetta Stone, Petco, American Standard, The Dannon Company, YellowTail Wines, Sealed Air, and eMusic, but also with startups including Beekeeper, Softomotive (acquired by Microsoft), NEXT Trucking, Richr, Wilbur, Picnic Tax and Suzy. The former award-winning journalist started her own company in 2013 and coined the term “Trust Relations” in 2019, which led to the creation of the mid-sized communications agency, Trust Relations. Three years later, April received the Gold Stevie® Award for Most Innovative Woman of the Year - Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations category in the 19th annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business in 2022. She was also named Executive of the Year in Business Intelligence Group's Public Relations & Marketing Excellence Awards in 2021. Under her leadership, Trust Relations was recognized at the Powderkeg Tech Culture Awards for the Top-Rated Culture in the Southwest Region in 2020. April is an official member and contributor of the Forbes Agency Council, Entrepreneur and Newsweek. She is also a co-host of the two-time-gold-award-winning PR Wine Down podcast and Trust Relations: The Podcast, as well as national mentor for SEED SPOT and OneValley Startup. April received her B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications from Iowa State University and continued studying integrated communications at Columbia University’s master’s program in Strategic Communications in New York City.

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14 Strategies for Combating Decision-Making Paralysis and Anxiety

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Leaders often have many things and people depending on them. When every decision made can have far-reaching consequences, it’s not uncommon for some leaders to be stressed or apprehensive about making the wrong call. Rather than letting their negative emotions get the best of them, and potentially lead to important decisions being delayed, it’s crucial to determine what processes will produce the best decision possible for a given situation. As leaders themselves, the members of Newsweek Expert Forum are well aware of the importance (and downsides) of decision-making. To make the process easier, 14 members offer advice to help leaders better manage the paralysis and anxiety that can occur while making critical decisions.

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Trust Relations is a fast-growing, virtual branding and strategic communications agency. We bypass the traditional agency model to build trusted brands, craft authentic stories and engage diverse audiences — for marquee brands and disruptive startups alike. At Trust Relations, we represent companies that straddle multiple verticals and have diverse communications needs. Our unique structure allows us to hire the best and brightest professionals nationwide to create “dream teams” that are most suited for our clients’ specific PR and marketing goals and budgets. Agile and packed with talent, our nimble teams offer unparalleled value for clients. We optimize budgets, generate superior results, and match the ideal talent with every client account. Thanks to our fluid and non-siloed structure, we easily scale and grow with clients. We can penetrate any vertical, handle their multidimensional communications needs, and deliver truly integrated solutions. We also excel at creating inspiring ways for clients to showcase their brand value. We highlight supportive proof points and ideate compelling activations to demonstrate a brand’s unique story and value proposition across multiple channels. "Trust Relations" is a term coined by President and Founder April Margulies to describe a new approach to strategic communications. We focus on conveying clients' authentic actions, value and goodwill. In technology, trust relationships are an administration and communication link between two domains. In communications, they are a bond of mutual respect between a brand and the people it serves. Our mission is to bring clients' brands, visions and value propositions to life through creative thinking, strategies and activations that produce meaningful results. Here is what sets us apart.



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