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Jean-Paul Gravel is the CEO and Founder of The Omnipotent, and ThroughConversation Personal Development North America. An internationally renowned expert in cognitive enhancement, Gravel helps his clients unearth their hidden genius and achieve unparalleled levels of mental excellence, marriage fulfillment, and business success. Those who work with him reach peak mental and emotional state in less than 10 sessions, leading to enhanced leadership, strategic thinking, problem solving and negotiation capabilities being unlocked. Gravel’s methodology has a 100% success rate at getting rid of decades of anxiety, completely revitalizing marriages, and at enabling top CEOs to reach mental excellence. Reaching unprecedented level of mental excellence has led many of his clients, CEO's of multi-million and multi-billion dollar companies to double, even triple their companies revenues in just a few months.

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The Omnipotent

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ThroughConversation Personal Development North America enables its clients brain to function more effectively, giving them access to more opportunities and success in every area of life. The system is forward thinking, as participants do not have to dive into their past. Results are seen in as little as one session.



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