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Best-selling author, Karen Valencic is passionate about revealing the keys to mastering conflict so leaders can fast-track innovation and smooth the turbulence of change. Her sessions are memorable - uniquely grounded in martial arts and physics! Three decades developing high-performing teams informs her content. Thirty years of aikido, a martial art, practice adds flare and action to her delivery. Her background as a degreed tenured engineer brings practicality to her solutions.


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September 20th, 2021

Feeling Burned Out? 15 Ways for Executives to Get Back on Track

Business leaders carry the weight of their organizations on their shoulders. In addition to ensuring ideas come to fruition and customers are satisfied, executives also have the added pressure of ensuring employee needs are being met. These priorities can place a considerable strain on a leader even in times when a business is fairing well.

September 17th, 2021

Five Factors To Keep In Mind When Offering Non-Tech Hires Equity

It takes a workforce with a variety of skills to build and sustain a successful business. Even in the tech field, non-tech professionals such as those in sales or marketing are necessary components of the team, especially in the early stages of the business. Equity compensation is one way leaders can reward these early-stage hires for their commitment to the business’ growth; however, each offer must be made with consideration.

September 9th, 2021

14 Ways Leaders Can Learn To Adapt Quickly

The business world moves fast, and companies that aren’t able to keep up run the risk of falling behind. Building a sustainably successful company requires that leaders understand just how much the business can and will change over time.

September 3rd, 2021

Never Say 'If Only' again: Four Tips to Avoid Business Disasters

It is important to get everyone in the habit of earnest, authentic inquiry.


Spiral Impact

A performance improvement company, Spiral Impact was established in 1992. The primary focus is on leadership and team development. Though we address performance as it relates to people, processes, structures, and culture. Karen is frequently sought after when teams are in trouble and 'everything else has been tried' to create cohesion. A background in engineering creates a practical process approach. The Spiral Impact method is grounded in aikido, a martial art based on position, not on force.


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