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As the author of "Love.Life. A Handbook on Being Well Loved, Happy and Healthy", I help people learn that emotions are a Super Power and help them do exactly what the title says. My podcasts, videos and written content is designed to empower people and is both physician and therapist approved for being research based and therapy approved techniques. My book "Love.Life. Gluten Free & Allergy Cookbook" is born out of decades of experience in both the gluten free and allergy areas. I was selected to be the first Executive Director of the Integrative Medicine Consortium because of my ability to create and execute a vision, my team work and leadership skills as well as my abilities to motivate and inspire others all critical aspects of a new organization starting from nothing. My primary areas of expertise outside of public speaking, leadership and team work include health and wellness, sales and marketing, change management, communication, and executive coaching for business results.

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14 Strategies for Combating Decision-Making Paralysis and Anxiety

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Leaders often have many things and people depending on them. When every decision made can have far-reaching consequences, it’s not uncommon for some leaders to be stressed or apprehensive about making the wrong call. Rather than letting their negative emotions get the best of them, and potentially lead to important decisions being delayed, it’s crucial to determine what processes will produce the best decision possible for a given situation. As leaders themselves, the members of Newsweek Expert Forum are well aware of the importance (and downsides) of decision-making. To make the process easier, 14 members offer advice to help leaders better manage the paralysis and anxiety that can occur while making critical decisions.

Feeling Overwhelmed With Work and Life? 14 Coping Tactics for Professionals to Try

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Reaching out to peers for support is a great way to work through negative feelings. The last few years have brought many changes across personal and professional lives across the globe. While some of the changes have been positive, such as the prioritization of work-life balance, other changes like persistent uncertainty are causing many professionals to feel overwhelmed.  As experts, the members of Newsweek Expert Forum are familiar with the toll professional life can have on a person. Below 14 of them offer coping tactics that can help reduce overwhelm and get professionals back on track.

How Businesses Can Build Systems to Support First-Time Leaders

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To set first-time leaders up for success, organizations have to create processes that offer support and flexibility. Whether a first-time leader has been promoted or is newly hired into the organization, the systems a business has in place are critical for that leader to overcome the obstacles they will inevitably face. As experts, the members of Newsweek Expert Forum are familiar with business procedures that can help new leaders feel supported. Read on as 13 of them offer recommendations on what organizations should do to build systems that help first-time leaders succeed in their roles.

14 Strategies for Leaders to Adopt or Practice Mindfulness

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Adopting practices like mindfulness can be a great way to reduce stress and take back control of one's life. Between managing employees, monitoring the market and setting and achieving business goals, leaders have a lot of pressure on their shoulders. All of these responsibilities and expectations undoubtedly contribute to making stress a routine and ever-present part of the job for many leaders. While leadership and stress can go hand-in-hand, pursuing practices like mindfulness could help leaders better manage their stress and take back control. To help leaders prevent stress from negatively impacting their productivity and morale, 14 Newsweek Expert Forum members offer advice for how leaders can adopt or practice mindfulness on a regular basis.

Business Leaders, It’s Time to Talk About One of Your Biggest Problems: Bad Managers


It’s no secret that you have bad managers or supervisors working for you.

14 Business Experts Discuss Top Tips for Q1 Planning

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Leveraging data from the past year as well as feedback from employees and customers can give businesses insight into what initiatives to explore next. With the end of 2022 fast approaching, many businesses are already deep into planning for 2023. And while a new year offers a chance to try something new, market instability and the looming threat of a potential recession are increasing the amount of pressure felt by business leaders. Luckily, they don't always have to start from scratch when it comes to finding fresh ideas. Looking back at the successes and failures of the current year can offer insight into what initiatives would be best to explore or where an organization can pivot if something isn't bringing in the desired results. However, it's also key for businesses to keep a close eye on markets and customers because they too can provide guidance. To offer further insights, 14 Newsweek Expert Forum members share additional tips for business leaders as they continue planning for Q1.

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In our culture, with the rise of technology and fast-paced lifestyles, negative emotions have been increasing among the world’s population. This includes feelings like worry, sadness, and anger. If you are feeling any of these, you are certainly not alone. But, if negative emotions are on the rise, what can you do? So often we live our lives neglecting our emotions and ignoring our mind and body’s inherent need for self-care. The answer: You can start with yourself! Here and now. If you want to learn how to sort out your life and put an end to whatever negative cycles you’ve been going through, visit my blog now or contact me for life coaching and motivational speaking. I cover everything from work productivity to personal empowerment, so you can have the life you want. It’s your life; you deserve to be happy and feel in control of your dreams and goals!



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