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Dr. Mahesh Mulumudi, MD, is an inventor, interventional cardiologist and a thought leader in the field of cardiology, with academic and patent publications to his credit. He is the President, Chief Executive Officer, and a co-founder of StratoScientific, Inc. He received his cardiology and interventional cardiology training at the Ochsner Clinic, in New Orleans, Louisiana, and is currently a practicing interventional cardiologist. He provides clinical relevance for the Steth IO’s development.


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Steth IO

Steth IO is a digital health startup bringing a convergence of technologies -- mobile, cloud, machine learning, and sensors -- to drive down the cost of healthcare. Our product is the world's first Smart Stethoscope -- a smartphone-based stethoscope with artificial intelligence. Our smart stethoscope is for health providers to visualize, hear, and characterize heart & lung sounds. Digitally save and share auscultations for cardiology and pulmonary consultation. Artificial intelligence and machine learning characterizes the heart sounds helping the provider with more accurate diagnosis of conditions like heart failure and heart murmurs.


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