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Newsweek Expert Forum is a private, vetted community where pioneering thinkers and business leaders share their leadership insight on business, culture & arts, health, money, science, sports, travel & lifestyle, and technology.

Author ProfileNewsweek Expert Forum members can publish on, establishing themselves as thought leaders in two ways: 1) bylined articles, and 2) Expert Panels®, composed of member responses to questions curated by the Newsweek Expert Forum editorial team. Both formats present members as leaders with invaluable experience to educate, influence public debate, and build inclusivity through sharing public-facing, accessible information.

Besides offering publishing opportunities to every member, Newsweek Expert Forum was designed to cultivate impactful peer-to-peer connections. Members have access to a private forum where they can contribute to and draw on a think tank of expertise when facing a challenge, seeking inspiration, or sharing a win. Members are encouraged to connect and collaborate via the forum and introductions from our concierge team, and virtual events bring Newsweek Expert Forum members together to connect and collaborate.

If you’re a Newsweek Expert Forum member, head over to your member dashboard to get started. If you’re not yet a member, find out here if you qualify.

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