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Lisa Lundy Leverages Newsweek Expert Forum to Reach and Help a Broader Audience

Lisa Lundy is very clear about her strengths. “I’m really good at coping strategies and happiness and knowing how to live a powerful life despite major life challenges,” she says. Those skills were hard-earned: Lundy had serious family difficulties as a young adult and was later severely challenged when a loved one was faced with a terminal medical diagnosis. The person survived, largely due to Lundy’s persistence, optimism, and willingness to challenge conventional medical wisdom. Along the way, she learned a lot about both physical and mental health. “It’s an interesting journey because it was not intentional,” Lundy says. And while she does not claim to be a medical professional, Lundy has parlayed her own life experience into a career as a life coach, business consultant, and content creator.

Lundy started her career as a sales representative for Xerox and then moved on to pharmaceutical sales before landing a position as executive coordinator for Integrative Medicine Consortium. Bringing together natural integrative physicians, MDs, and DOs was of keen interest to her since it was a combination of those disciplines that saved her loved one’s life. During her five-year tenure at the consortium, she also wrote a cookbook featuring recipes that are free of gluten, dairy products, eggs, and nuts (Lundy and her three children all have food allergies).

In 2019, Lundy reinvented herself when she launched her website Love.Life., where she focuses on content relating to happiness, health, wellness, and empowerment. She had several therapists and medical doctors review her content, which she says is research-based, but stresses that she is not a trained medical professional. “Everything I’ve done in my life has led me to this,” says Lundy. Her work includes a blog, a new cookbook, a YouTube channel, and a podcast with more than 75 episodes.

"My primary reason for joining [Newsweek Expert Forum] was the reach, so it’s been a great benefit and asset.”

Additionally, she offers personal coaching, and motivational speaking, as well as consulting and training to large and small companies in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. Her work sometimes leverages her passion for, and knowledge of food and nutrition. For instance, Lundy worked with a large university to reinvent its food handling and delivery for students with food allergies.

Among the issues that she’s often called upon to address for businesses are rebranding, low employee morale, competitive threats, and marketing strategies. Lundy is mostly focused on employee issues that may involve emotional intelligence and that ultimately impact a company’s ability to grow. She’s currently at work on an article for Newsweek Expert Forum about bad managers. “Companies are spending a lot of money and effort on finding the right employee and 80% of the time, they have a manager who’s wreaking havoc and it’s a mess,” she says. Also within her wheelhouse: creating personal growth programs for employees to increase productivity and efficiency.

“One of my passions is helping people get their lives turned around,” says Lundy. “Before the pandemic, we had lots of people with anxiety, depression, and sadness. But because of the pandemic, it just exploded.” Newsweek Expert Forum, she says, “was an opportunity to reach a wider audience to help more people who were suffering and needed help. My primary reason for joining was the reach, so it’s been a great benefit and asset.” Lundy is a consistent contributor to Expert Forums and also is a prolific writer of long-form articles that help readers with mood elevation and emotional intelligence.

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